Pioneer the future
through the integration of
one-of-a-kind technologies
Become a corporate group
that supports cutting-edge
with niche product groups

JMTCAbout JMTC Group

JMTC Group is a group of companies, with JMTC as its core, that provides niche product
groups that support technological innovation in advanced industries from business domains
of functional materials, precision components and special devices.

JMTC Group has three growth engines:

  • (1) Commercialization of unused patents held by large companies and universities
  • (2) M&A of one-of-a-kind, niche-top product businesses
  • (3) Startup investment as a venture capital

JMTC Group aims to achieve sustainable growth as a corporate group
through technological innovation by accumulating
and further organically integrating its one-of-a-kind technologies.

Japan Material Technologies Corporation

Japan Material Technologies Corporation

Develops, manufactures, and sells unused patents held by large companies and universities, as a fabless manufacturer of functional materials.

M&C Co., Ltd.

M&C Co., Ltd.

Manufactures and sells precision machined parts made from rare metals such as tungsten and molybdenum.

Electrochemistry Systems Co., Ltd.

Electrochemistry Systems Co., Ltd.

Develops, manufactures, and sells solution control equipment used in the manufacturing process of semiconductor package substrates and other products.


JMTC Capital G.K.

Invests in startups in chemicals & materials, hard tech, healthcare, etc., as a venture capital firm specializing in deep tech.